A couple days ago in the forum I had an exchange with a few people that brought back some very old memories from another time and another on-line universe.

The days of the Horsemen. We were something else. We were labeled 'thugs', 'goons', 'bullies' and every name in the book but no one dared cross us. Princejonny, BigSexy1, babymother and me were as bad as it got...never asking for any quarter and never giving any. We never crossed each other and operated just as effectively as individuals as we did as a team. Hope you are all doing well.

I had a chance to know a couple others worthy on mention. Baby72 and Crissa were as hardcore as it got. It was a pleasure getting to know you two fine ladies on the rollercoaster rides they were.

I can't say I miss those crazy days or all the moderating I did but I do keep the memories. And regarding everyone's ass I kicked...you had it coming, fucking losers!!!

Cue the music...

Space Lord

Search and Destroy

The Four Horsemen
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